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All You Want to Know About the Nada Surf Concerts

Parachute cannot stop playing live music and unveiled Tour with special guest Kris Allen joining the band's concerts as the opening act. They will get the whole thing on the move at Trees in Dallas on April 2 and the Cannery Ballroom venue in Nashville - was booked as the final stop of the Parachute's tour on April 27. 

Parachute 2019 Tour covers 17 favorite venues on aggregate in just one month. This can explain the relatively short list of concert dates but those cities and venues on it can take pride in themselves.

The boys are on fire these days, meaning you should expect nothing but top quality shows. Parachute are definitely in touring mode as they did not take a big pause after an extremely intense concert program. Last year the pop band promoted their fourth studio album during Wide Awake tour from March till November in 2016. The last Parachute’s studio album Wide Awake reached the 48th position on the Billboard 200.

There is one distinct fact that was already declared - Parachute want 2019 tour to be a party inspired by the fans. It means fans can shape up the Parachute's setlist by voting for the songs they want to be played at the concerts in 2019. 

In case you are wondering, Kris Allen, a big friend of Parachute, was invited to make an opening at the concerts. 

Latest album information

Carrying the title of "Wide Awake," the band's new album was set to be released on March 11 via Vanguard Records, marking the fourth official studio release in the Parachute opus. The effort was announced with a gospel-fueled title track lead single. Vocalist Will Anderson explained how this song actually took several years to complete and take the final shape, making it one of the most intricate tunes of the group's entire career. Based on the lead single, the album can be described as more upbeat, strong, and determined. The record also serves as a follow-up to 2013's "Overnight" and the band's first release via new label Vanguard Records. As always, fans can expect a staple Parachute sound with a solid pinch of something new as the boys always like to experiment. Throughout the years, we say them fuse pop rock with anything from country to blue-eyed soul, so buckle up, another ride is coming up.

Bands members and the origin

The group was founded in 2006, making them one of the youngest acts on the scene. The journey began in Charlottesville, Virginia with a pact formed by frontman Will Anderson (vocals, guitar, piano) and drummer Johnny Stubblefield. Soon enough, the lineup was completed with keyboardist and sax player Kit French and bassist Alex Hargrave who subsequently left the band. Although the mentioned trio remains a stable foundation, the group has a surprising number of former members that came and went along the triumvirate of Parachute. These include Dave Glover on guitar, Peter De Jong on guitar, Eric Prum on piano, Nate McFarland on guitar and vocals, and percussionist Michael Reaves.  The atmosphere within the group has always been described as friendly and collegial, resulting in plenty of good vibes during live shows. At the moment, the band is operating as a trio, but don't be surprised if the gang pops up with a new member or two; after all, an expansion of their sonic palette is something that the boys have always thrived for.

Typical performance and style

While rooted in pop rock, the style of Parachute has been described by critics as eclectic as it can get. Each of the band's albums saw the guys experimenting with more style, ranging from classic country groove to the so-called blue-eyed soul, which is essentially a white man's style of staple R&B and soul music. These boys have met way back in their college days, and you can feel that in every aspect of the group, whether its studio work or live performance. Lengthy tours with such prominent artists as Kelly Clarkson, The Goo Goo Dolls and O.A.R. also made their mark on the group, resulting in even further sonic variety on their records. When it comes to live performance, Parachute concerts are described as highly effective and always on-point. So if you are not a fan of lengthy jams and like your music concise and striking, you'll love Parachute.

Parachute's quick discography

The band's first studio album, "Losing Sleep," was released in May 2009, around three years after the group was formed. It scored an impressive debut by cracking the Top 40 of the US Billboard 200 chart and paved the way for further success. Parachute's sophomore album was released in 2011 under the title of "The Way It Was," and scored a debut within the Top 20. Finally, 2013's "Overnight" saw the gang hit the Top 15, and the same is expected from the new album "Wide Awake." Parachute are a modern band catering to younger audiences, and it is worth noting that their records always got much stronger results on digital charts. Their first album, for example, went as high up as No. 2 on the US Digital Chart and remains the group's highest-charting digital release to date.

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