Parachute members

Parachute was formed in Charlottesville, Virginia by high school students Will Anderson (vocals, guitar), Johnny Stubblefield (drums), Christopher "Kit" French (saxophone, keyboards), Alex Hargrave (bass), and Nate McFarland (guitar) with the latter two boys eventually leaving the group. 

Originally named as Sparky's Flaw, in its early years of crafting their music style Parachute were playing a mix of pop rock, funk, and contemporary blue-eyed soul.

In 2015 bassist Alex Hargrave left Parachute due to health problems and family obligations while Nate McFarland also parted ways with the band to go back to school to study business. 

Parachute current band members include:

Will Anderson (vocals, guitar)
Johnny Stubblefield (drums)
Christopher “Kit” French (saxophone, keyboards)

Past members:

Nate McFarland (guitar, vocals)
Alex Hargrave (bass)

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